ITEM #13715

 #13715-WAFFEN S.S. TROPICAL UNIFORM; Fairly well-matched set of field tunic and trousers as worn in southern European areas such as Italy by Waffen SS personnel. The Sahariana jacket (designed after the Italian version) is of  late production and in the 2nd pattern. It is produced from tan cloth having an open collar with four plain pockets with the top two having flaps extended from the distinctive shoulder drape. It has split cuffs and a four button front with all the buttons being removable & of the absolute correct tan glass composition marked JFS 42. The jacket shows some ersatz construction in having the pocket bags and lower flaps produced from a slightly different tone of cotton cloth, there is no evidence to suggest that they were repaired or replaced and demonstrate the wartime lack of cotton material. The interior is correctly unlined with some areas of double laid cloth, a rear channel for an adjustment tape (missing) and the distinctive zig zagged vent holes in the armpit area. This interior retains faint issue stampings on the inside right panel as well as what appears to be a property stamp on the inside rear area. The shoulder strap provisions have been removed but can easily be replaced as well as the quality reproduction BeVo tropical SS eagle on the left sleeve. The SS pattern tropical trousers show less wear than the jacket, being of a tan cotton cloth having the unique reversed, pebbled hooks sewn into the waistband. It has two side and a flapped watch pocket on the front. The rear has a flapped pocket on the right hip along with cloth adjustment straps with metal buckles. The lower cuffs are complete with heel straps and blousing cords. The interior waist has a partial lining and pocket bags of white cotton with stamped size markings. It is complete with all brace buttons and rear button tabs. The jacket shows use with light surface wear, some fading and areas of soiling mainly to the left sleeve. The trousers show minor wear and toning. A great example set of this desirable pattern uniform, showing some use and priced very fairly. Condition III+/II+ $2600.00. set